Saturday, July 25, 2009

Too much coffee...

I found out that Dunkin Doughnuts makes good coffee. I was a little skeptical at first and had been without caffeine for 3 weeks!

Starbucks unfortunately makes my favorite Venti White Mocha... 14 pts...

To my surprise, Dunkin Doughnuts Medium Iced Coffee w/ Vanilla is only 2pts... 2 effing points! Hallelujah!

Moral of the story: I can not go to sleep.

So anyway, I lost 1 pound this week; Down to 241.2 as of Thursday!

I wasn't very happy about this but at least its in the right direction.

Even better news, I was able to take off work to start the process of a root canal! YAY SAVING TOOTH!!! I am no longer in pain.. thank Jesus!

On a sour note though, I didn't do so well on Friday - No point overage but kinda have been eating recklessly. To make up for it, I went on another 6K power walk with Beaux this time. It was great and I def. feel the burn!

I get paid next week Friday and I will def. be able to change up my food options. Im getting pretty low and since I'm sharing with my mother.. she get's all the healthy stuff :(

Im doing what I can though- made a splendid grilled chicken dish with whole/field long grain rice. Very tasty even though that dag nabbit rice was 4pts... I dont even like rice... jerks.

Anywho, hoping to wake up early tomorrow and take Bailey on another 6K- hope he can make it though...

I hope to be... hmmmm.... 238.7 .. :) ... by Thursday... I think thats pretty good- now I gotta just focus on more vegetables... phew

Happi <3>

P.S- Im still not tired... but im gonna try to lay down anyway... au revoir


  1. rice is a killer! You're lucky you don't like it, I ate it for the first few weeks before giving it up.

    If I make something (like chicken chili) do you want some? The recipe is huge.


  2. Yea... Im not doing that whole rice thing unless i need to burn points~

    But most def. would love some chicken chili ( I approve of donations to the poor lol )