Tuesday, July 21, 2009


For the past few weeks now, I have been battling a diseased tooth.
Since I'm a recent college graduate, poor and with out a job, It has been very hard to give out the nearly $1000 fee to fix it.

Well. Enough is enough...
Since the dentist's wouldn't give me anymore antibiotics.. (guess they thought I was some kind of drug pusher..LOL), my simple need of root canal has now turned into.. GET THIS EFFING TOOTH OUT MY MOUTH!

I cant take this anymore and to top it off.. IT IS AFFECTING MY WEIGHT LOSS!
I do not have the appetite nor the ability to chew this good, fantabulous food... sigh. There is always something .. isn't?

With that being said, I started out the day good (had a vikatin :D ).. But then lunch time came and the pressures of eating or not was slapping me in my face.
I work at a camp, Youth on the Edge of Greatness- to be exact, and these kids LOVE fattening food. So what was for lunch you ask?

Oh nothing else put
Little Caeser's with Faygo Red Pop, Sour cream and Onion Chips and Cookies!!!!!

So I instead had two slices of pizza and 16oz of pop... not TOO bad but guilty nonetheless. Tonight, I will be having Amy's Organic Low Fat Black Bean & Vegetable soup(5pts for whole can) with some grilled chicken (3 pts) if i can bare it.

Oh, before I forget, did you know that the average adult needs 1000mg of Calcium/day????? All I've been having is a cheesestick!! LMAO So chug that milk (300mg) lady's and gentlemen because more than likely your random cheesestick or yogurt is NOT kicking it.
I will be weighing in on Thursday with my neighbor ... let's pray I did decent on my 1st week... sigh.


  1. it's okay we all have to indulge on pizza and pop every once in a while. Over time it wont look that appetizing anymore. Just think, all that cheese probably really boosted your calcium level today!

  2. thanks dude.. thats a good way to put it! Im off to do my 5mile walk with doggie tho.. so it wont be thhhhaaat bad ;)