Monday, July 20, 2009

First Step

Hello- Happi here!
I'm sure there isn't anyone reading this right now but I am so very excited to start this blog.

In case you havent noticed.. I am on a weight loss journey; That's right journey.

Travel or passage from one place to another; hence, figuratively, a passage through life.

I will be taking this voyage one day at a time and hope that this blog will assist me in my successes.

Starting Weight: 242.2


Neck- 15.5
Chest- 48.5
Shoulders- 29
Waist- 43.5
Hips- 51
Bicep (L)- 14
Bicep (R)- 14
Thigh (R)- 26
Thigh (L)- 26
Calf (R)- 17.5
Calf (L)- 17.5
Ankle (R)- 10.5
Ankle (L)- 11

Total- 324 inches
.... UGH... but thats ok... its the first step right? LOL

I am hoping to attain 199 by my 23rd birthday (Oct. 4th). Dont worry, I'll attach pictures and measurements as I go. go!

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  1. Go Happi! Can't wait to share your journey with you :)